Sell Strictly By Owner

If you wish to sell "strictly" for sale by owner, and do not wish to sign an agency agreement: Contact: QcHomeShow.com at 309-756-7469. They have advertising packages ranging from $150-$250 that are perfect for the fsbo seller.

Package Includes:
15-25 Professional Photos
Printable Flyer Page
Interactive Map
24/7 Editing
Yard Signs (Deposit)
Social Share Feature
Your ad online a.s.a.p
And More!
Home advertising packages range from $150-$250.

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Sell By Owner "AND" be on the Multiple Listing Service!
If you want your property to be on sites like Realtor.com, (and all the other agent sites that feed off the MLS) then you will want to look at this option.

Package Includes:
MLS Listing!
25 Professional Photos
Printable Flyer Page
Interactive Map
24/7 Editing
Yard Signs (Deposit)
Social Share Feature
Your ad online a.s.a.p
And More!
The intitial cost is $990 and you will be listed with a licensed agent.

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Sell With Agent

This option is to list your property with an agent and the agent has an exclusive right to sell. Your agent will take care of all your home selling needs and concerns. From start to closing, your agent will be dedicated to selling your property.

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Seller's Assistance

If your selling by owner and want assistance with the paperwork, we can help! You find the buyer and we will help with: negotiating the price, preparing the contract, disclosures, financing Assistance, and arranging the closing.

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Buyer's Assistance

Buying a home can be a bit intimidating. If you want professional help or if you are house hunting, call us! We can show you "any" listed property from "any" agency. We can also assist you in showing fsbo homes as well! No matter who is selling the property, we can assist you in the viewing and purchase.

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Questions Or Concerns?

If you have unanswered questions and our FAQ page does not have the answers you are looking for, scroll down to view a list of our professional agents. Each agent should be able to answer any real estate question you may have and will be happy to assist you.
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WHY USA Schramm and Associates
A Few Words About


Although we make every effort to assist you in your home selling, it is always advisable for the homeowner to maintain a properly secure residence. Moving valuables off location as well as safeguarding the property from potential injuries is great advice. Leaving pets and valuables at the property could be probelmatic. As we stated earlier, we will attempt to guide you in those areas, but we cannot be liable for situations that are out of our control.


Professional Photography By QcHomeShow.com

Your home will have professional photography completed by the staff at QcHomeShow.com

QcHomeShow.com offers:


We have been successfully advertising homes since 1999.

Great Prices

Packages to suit every sellers needs at a price that is hard to beat.


Search "For sale by owner Quad Cities" and many other keywords and you will find us.


We strive to deliver superior services in a prompt and reliable manner every day.

Buyers Tools

Add to favorites, saved searches, advanced search tools, and a comparison tool to help you find the right home!

Smiles For Sellers

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Selling Tips

Below are a few tips on preparing your property to be shown.

Yard Maintenance

Please be certain there are no tripping hazzards, pet "land mines", or obstacles that clutter your land.

Touch Up Paint

When touching up your paint, be sure it matches well. It is all to noticeable when touchups do not match the original color.


If your carpets need professional cleaning, it is always a great idea to have that done prior to photos and selling.


Try to place all toys in storage areas or within one secure location in order to avoid the clutter look and/or trip hazzards.



Try to have all lights on during a showing. If you have a dark area, add a lamp. The brighter the better!


Have all televisions, radios, and other electronics off during a showing. Distractions are not your friend when showing a home to perspective buyers.

Everything Has A Spot

Every item has a place... but some items need placed in a calculated area. Think of what you do and do not want to see.

Lock It Up

Secure your valuables either in a safe or off site. Be sure to kennel or relocate pets before a showing.



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